More New Products & CNAS Accredited Laboratory

Safdal has developed full bore high barrier pipe for Sinopec for natural gas transmission in the special servicing conditions in the oilfields in Xinjiang, where the natural gas has high corrosive contents including H2S、 CO2 、 Cl-, etc.

Currently Safdal is developing new products for services at elevated temperature and higher pressure, which use PVDF, PPS, PA12 or IXPE for pipe liner and use aramid filament (or tape), UHMWPE filament or carbon fiber filament (tape) as reinforcement. According to the test results of most materials, the new pipes can be used at temperature of up to 95℃ or even higher, and the pressure rating can be up to 400 to 450 bar. For pipes with IPX liner, the maximum temperature is 85℃ and the pipe diameter is in the range of 2 to 4 inch; and the pipes with PVDF liner can be used at 90℃ and lower with pipe diameter in the range of 2 to 6 inch.

Safdal has put the development of 8-inch pipe on the agenda, and has begun to cooperate with professional German equipment manufacturers to conduct equipment research. The pipe is expected to be put into production in the near future.

Safdal has conducted all necessary tests on the pipes as well as the materials for pipe liner, reinforcement and outer sheath in its own CNAS accredited LAB, covering cracking stability under pressure, minimum bending radius, long and short-term hydrostatic strength, high and normal temperature burst test, short-term cyclic pressure test, tensile strength, torsion performance, rapid decompression test and pipe coil pressure test, etc.

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